First Option FX offers a number of attractive reward features to its new and regular customers. Bonuses and one-time trading credits awarded to Clients are part of the Company’s promotions program.

It is clarified and emphasized that the decision whether to grant a trading benefit to a certain client is at the Company's sole and exclusive discretion.

The trading benefit policy hereinafter is subject to the main "Terms and Conditions" as they are from time to time updated and can be found on the Company’s website

There are three types of Bonuses as mentioned below:

The key features of non-losable bonus and losable bonuses are:

  1. Withdrawal Eligibility: Extra-balance bonuses are typically available for withdrawal once specific criteria are met. These criteria may include achieving a certain trading volume or fulfilling other conditions outlined in the bonus policy.
  2. Conditions for Withdrawal: Traders must fulfill the stated requirements, such as meeting the trading volume targets or holding the bonus funds for a specified period, to be eligible for the withdrawal of the bonus and any associated profits. Please see articles below for conditions
  3. Transparency: The terms and conditions for non-losable bonuses are usually more straightforward and transparent compared to losable bonuses. Traders have a clearer understanding of the bonus terms and the steps required to fulfill withdrawal conditions.


Terms and Conditions

Receipt of the bonus effectively means use of the awarded bonus and your own money. Per 8a hereinabove withdrawal of profits or bonuses will not be possible until the required volume is completed. In case of losses the amount available for withdrawal will be your equity less bonuses.

Upon fulfillment of all the conditions in point 12 hereinabove the bonus will be applied to your trading account within three (3) business days.

If you do not wish to receive the bonus or if you wish to cancel it, you may notify the Customer Support Department of your wish via email to the following email address:

The Company is the sole arbiter of these Bonus Terms and Conditions and any other issue arising under this promotion. Exceptions to these are at the sole discretion of the Company’s management and any decisions to this effect are final. The Company reserves the right to amend, withdraw or restrict this offer at any time without any notice to the Client.

The Company will not be held liable for any losses incurred by you because of your trading in relation to this offer. There is a substantial risk that you may lose all your initial investment.

Bonus Limitation:

Extra Balance Bonus becomes free of limitations after the required traded volume is reached and confirmed by the system. The system verifies whether the volume has been reached each time the “My Account” page is opened or reloaded by the client, but at least once per day during settlement.

Before the required traded volume is reached the Bonus will be automatically canceled in one of the following circumstances:

Bonus Disclaimer:

Bonuses are offered exclusively based on the management’s discretion. While bonuses have some advantages, you do not have to accept them.

Bonuses require a trading turnover which might be beyond your reach. You are advised not to accept any bonuses unless you understand Bonus Terms and Conditions and you are committed to trading over a long period.